To bring an unprecedented optimal solution to Japan filled with a sense of stagnation and uncertainty.
Not to wait for someone else to do something, but to think and move by ourselves.
Vortex has adopted a new philosophy.
This is our promise that will kept through the future for all companies and people in this country and region.


We clearly defined what kind of "raison d'etre" Vortex has in this society.

By bringing new common sense to management and redistributing wealth, we will correct the widening inequality and reduce resulting division in society.

Economic stagnation due to uneven distribution of wealth, widening disparities between urban and rural areas and between high-income and low-income residents, and uncertainty about Japan's future due to the declining birthrate and aging society, are all social problems that Vortex seeks to solve from new perspectives and ideas to create a society where assets circulate in a healthy manner.

Based on this origin, Vortex provides companies with a new form of real estate ownership, and is working to improve corporate financial soundness and change corporate management's mindset toward taking on new challenges.

In the future, we intend to develop innovative services not only for companies but also for a wide range of people, and to broaden our perspective to include not only assets but also human capital and other available resources.


This is the corporate mission that Vortex should fulfill for people, society, and the environment around the world.

We bring growth opportunities and affluence to a wide range of companies and people, and vitality to society.

We continue to provide innovative options for asset utilization that are ahead of the market and beyond the imagination.

We will continue to be a group that is not bound by stereotypes, but is oriented toward challenge and growth in order to open up a new future that transcends conventions.


This is the standard of judgment that Vortex has set forth in order to become a necessary presence for the times and should be put into practice.

To meet expectations for stable growth and maximization of corporate value, we place primary importance on "integrity," "fairness," and "transparency" as a matter of course. We also set forth "Five Pursuits" to move straight ahead toward the future that Vortex wants to create.

Overall Optimization
We will work to maximize the interests of the entire company, and by extension, our customers, from a broad perspective, rather than sticking to the interests of individuals or our own organization.
In order to propose innovative solutions to our clients, we are always keenly aware of speed, take the initiative, and execute quickly.
We accept change from the past and conventions without settling for the status quo, always aiming for organizational and individual growth and proactively challenging change.
With an attitude of always considering not only the surface of a problem but also the duality and essence of things in depth, we will appropriately grasp the issue and lead to a solution.
We solve problems with rationality by fighting pure logic, without being bound by conventions, stereotypes, position or title.


It is a guideline of conduct that all Vortex employees should cherish in their daily work together.

To change the world, we must be proactive, willing to take on tasks and responsibilities, and have a strong conviction and spirit to solve problems on our own. We should not pretend that we are unaware that there is a problem, but take it our job and be aware of the parties involved.

We all put ourselves in the customer's shoes and give deep thought to their issues. To this end, we should take a strong interest in customers and products, and have a broad interest in other operations than our own, as well as in internal and external trends and rules. Then, be persistent and enthusiastic over a long period of time until the customer understands and take actions. Our mission is to maximize the customer's benefit, to take their point of view, and to be sincere.

Give deep thought to everything by ourselves. We also always consider the duality and essence of things, not just the surface of every issue. Never be bound by precedents or conventions, but embrace changes. We argue our own ideas, fight pure logic, will not be afraid to be the "Maverick".

Mind speed
Not stick onto the interests of individuals or our own organization, work together inter-organization and unite to maximize customer benefit.

We all do our best to support the growth and challenges of our valued colleagues, give fair recognition to the growth, efforts and achievements of our colleagues, and accept criticism and pointers about shortcomings as we move toward self-growth.

We will bring a "vortex" in society.
We are the only ones in the world who can accomplish this. Let's keep challenging together.