Establishment and relocation of Japan Branch

Why don't you wisely save the cost of expanding your business to Tokyo, Japan?

When setting up an office in central Tokyo, you basically need to choose between "renting an office space on lease" to locate in a prime area with many business opportunities, or "buying a single building" in a location slightly away from the center of the city for future consideration.
With Vortex's "Strata Title Office" you can purchase an office in central Tokyo from a single floor, allowing you to set up a base in a prime area to take advantage of many business opportunities and have your own office as a future corporate asset.

This page explains the advantages of purchasing your own office space. If you are planning to set up a business base in Tokyo, please consider not only renting but also buying.

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Renting vs. buying office space

In the medium to long term, the total annual payment is generally lower when "buying" through a loan than when "renting". If the monthly outgoing costs were the same, in the case of "renting" the rent would just be cashed out during the tenancy period, but in the case of "buying", the cost of rent would be paid as loan repayment costs, leaving a debt-free asset after the loan repayment is completed. After the loan is paid off, the property can be used as a saleable asset built separately from the main business.

"Buying office space" will minimize your financial costs

Your "principal repayment" for buying office will gradually pile up as your own asset.

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