Here are the steps for purchase of property in Japan through Vortex,
as well as the general procedure for purchase of property in Japan.

How to purchase property in Japan through Vortex:

1: Please contact us if you are interested in Japanese property. We welcome inquiries on property as well as on the tax and legislative system related to property.

2: For those of you interested, we will introduce office buildings and residential properties for sale around Tokyo.

3: Once you decide on your purchase, please fill in the required fields and sign the “Letter of intent (LOI)”and send it to Vortex.

4: After we receive your “Letter of intente”, we will give you an explanation on the important matters of this transaction. This is a procedure required by the Japanese act.

5: After step 4, “Contract for Sale” will be concluded and issued based on the Japanese act. Please note that you will be required to deposit the down payment to the account designated by Vortex before the contract is concluded.

6: The settlement and handover of the property will be completed in about two months. In addition, the ownership of the said property will be registered at a registry office in Japan at the time of handover.

The general procedure for purchase of property in Japan

The first step when an individual or a company is purchasing a property in Japan is to look for “property for sale”. Normally, an individual or a company looking to purchase a property contacts a real estate agent, which would then introduce and explain about different properties.

The next step would be for the purchaser to conduct a thorough research. Both parties would then engage in a more detailed negotiation, which includes setting the financial scheme of purchase.

Once the terms and conditions are determined, the purchaser will inform the seller his/her intent of purchase. Then the purchaser and seller will sign off on the “Contract for Sale and Purchase of Property” with all the terms and conditions both parties agreed on. Prior to concluding the contract for sale, the real estate agent will give an explanation on the “Explanation of Important Matters” with the details of the said property to the purchaser based on the “Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business act”.

After the contract for sale has been concluded, the sales value will be settled and the property will be handed over and registered to the new owner.

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